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If you already own a Labrador Retriever you are lucky enough to have one of the finest hunting companions available. If you are looking for an ever faithful, tireless, courageous and intelligent partner, then you couldn’t go past a Labrador. When your best shoes go missing, or he’s chasing the cat, just try to remember, as his name suggests, this dog was born to work. He or she lives to retrieve. A few minutes a day, training your Labrador to do the work for which he was designed could save a lot of headaches. He wants to chase and fetch to PLEASE you.

If you are interested in getting involved with the Retrieving discipline with your Labrador it will mean a commitment by yourself to put the training into you Labrador. There a a few Clubs that you can become involved in for the satisfaction and frustration of retrieving . If you reside within the South East of Queensland we maybe able to assist you in finding the right people to speak to. Please contact us.

About us

We are dedicated to our motto, integrity….style….purpose. The end result is producing top-quality Labrador Retrievers, with excellent temperaments that are good, sound examples of the breed. Whether for Showing, Obedience, Retrieving or a much loved family pet, Kopafield Labradors are raised in a social home environment and all have the ability to achieve some or ALL of the above pastimes.

All our litters are carefully planned from our experience of some 30 years of being involved with the breed and careful consideration of the bloodlines. The combination of both gives us the consistency of sound, beautiful Labrador Retrievers.

All breeding stock is Hip and Elbow scored and only stock that meets our own guidelines is ever used at stud or to breed from. All puppies are preliminary vaccinated and up-to-date with intestinal worming. During the first 8 weeks they are twice Vet checked and micro-chipped prior to leaving our home for your at 8 weeks of age.

All our puppies are sold by reservation. If you are interested in finding out more information please complete the Puppy inquiry questionnaire.

We also offer stud services to approved bitches.

For the past few years Sue has being involved in the Labrador Retriever Re-Home and Rescue Service and has been co coordinator with Di. Both Di and Sue are kept busy (unfortunately) re-homing Labs that need a ‘second’ chance. If you are interested in offering a new home to an older dog please email either Sue or Di using the following email:

Our Dogs


For more information on upcoming litter please refer to our upcoming litters page. For information on stud services please email:

Where do you go, where are you now? A little video of Stellas’ and Roccos’ litter in 2008.

Where are they now?

Our video ‘Our first 8 weeks’ can be viewed below. The joy from our lovely Stella and Snow litter.

Our first 8 Weeks

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Both of these Free Publications are offered to you for download with the permission of the Author, Dr. Ian Dunbar

BEFORE You Get Your Puppy describes the process of selecting a puppy and preparing for their first days at home, as well as the key developmental deadlines including socialisation and bite inhibition.  It also offers training advice on topics every owner needs to know about, like toilet training and chew toy training. Author – Dr Ian Dunbar.

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Before you get your Puppy

AFTER You Get Your Puppy offers proven, time-tested and practical knowledge to guide owners through all the early developmental stages from puppyhood to adolescence, including how to manage the critical socialisation window between 8 and 12 weeks and the importance of learning bite inhibition before 22 weeks of age. Author – Dr Ian Dunbar.

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After you get your Puppy

Dr Ian Dunbar DVM, Ph. D. is a renowned veterinarian, veterinary behaviourist, author and lecturer on canine behaviour – who still delivers seminars around the world.  He founded the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (USA) in 1993 and its presence and membership has since spread to more than 26 countries worldwide, including Australia.  Dunbar is credited with launching what is now commonly regarded as the modern era in dog training, based on training, socialising and handling puppies before 6 months of age to prevent behavioural problems in later life.

Other interesting information can be found on the Dog Star Daily web site.

Dr Dunbar receives no financial benefit from the electronic distribution of his BEFORE & AFTER books, however owners who wish to purchase a hard copy may still do so from most good book outlets, or directly from James & Kenneth Publishing

Dr Dunbar’s BEFORE and AFTER books above have been made available free of charge courtesy of the author, through an initiative if The Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc.

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